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Final 50 Days Of The Year Challenge

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Final 50 Challenge


Can you believe it? Last Thursday, November 11th marked the final 50 days of 2021. This year flew by and I wanted to do something for myself and for this community, to help keep up accountable, focused and end the year strong.

With the holidays starting, the end of the year can be a joyful time for many and a really tough time for others. The holidays can often be an excuse to slack off and we quickly lose track of our daily habits, coping skills and tools in the midst of the holiday rush. 
It is my goal with the FINAL 50 challenge to provide our community weekly tools, resources, and topics to support you through the upcoming weeks as we round out the end of the year. 
I encourage you to set some specific intentions, plans and goals for these FINAL 50 days of the year, so YOU and the rest of the community can end this year on a high note, with positivity, strength and confidence, boosting you into the new year of 2022. 
I'm advocating for you !
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- Amy


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