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Winter Wreckage 2.0

Winter Wreckage 2.0 | The Loyal Brand


The Loyal Brand's coverage Winter Wreckage 2.0 a Strongest Man / Woman event held at McMillan Training Systems on Dec 10th 2016.  Winter Wreckage 2.0 was a USS (United States Strongman) Sanctioned Event.  This event was huge, we did our best to get photos of all the competitors.  As you can imagine it was challenging, with over 900 photos we're sure you are in here somewhere!  Competitors competed in traditional strongman events including, Max Log 3 attempts (national records up for grabs), Axle Deadlift for reps, Farmers walk 50 ft / 60 secs., Hussafel carry for max distance 60 sec. and Stone series to platforms (56/52/48/44) 60 sec. Rob and Crew at the McMillan Gym in Lancster put on a flawless event and ran ahead of time all day.  The raffle give aways were crazy this year, axles, hussafel stone to name a few!!  Rob holds multiple strongman events a year next event Pa's Strongest.  He already has Winter Wreckage 3.0 2017's date set, it will sell out don't be left out, do you have what it takes to be next strongest man / woman!!?


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