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Affiliate Program Information

The Loyal Brand’s Affiliate Program aims to connect our brand with others in order to find mutual marketing and financial benefits through product creation, cross-promotion, and enhanced public support. Affiliates can be public figures, groups, or organizations of any kind and/or interest area which uphold the values, ideals, and practices for which The Loyal Brand stands.

How does The Loyal Brand’s Affiliate Program work?
Once an Affiliate agreement is completed, Affiliates need to provide The Loyal Brand with the logo design that they would like used on their merchandise. Then, once a mock design is created by The Loyal Brand, the Affiliate will need to approve the final design. It's that easy. Once online sales are opened, Affiliates are asked to help promote awareness and sales of the item, and then wait for the commission checks to arrive!

What do Affiliates get in return?
The Loyal Brand will specifically promote sales of the Affiliate merchandise, targeting the appropriate demographic for the Affiliate. All basic design work of the Affiliate T is free of charge (with Affiliate providing their desired logo). Additional design work may be requested by the Affiliate to create a more custom look, but would require additional payment for design cost. In other words, Affiliates receive free design work, production, and sales of their very own Affiliate merchandise incorporating their logo, tailored specifically to their target demographic, and receive a $5 (or 20%) per item commission of sales with the ability to also stock and sell the T at their own prices for their own profit. 

How long does an Affiliate agreement last?
Affiliate agreement terms are decided on a per item basis depending upon the needs of the Affiliate and The Loyal Brand. All Affiliate agreements expire after a twelve-month term, with the possibility of extension and/or addition of other specialty items.

How do I become a Loyal Brand Affiliate?