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Affiliate Program

The Loyal Brand’s Affiliate Program aims to connect our brand with others in order to find mutual benefits through product creation, cross-promotion, and enhanced public support. Affiliates can be public figures, groups, or organizations of any kind and/or interest area which uphold the values, ideals, and practices for which The Loyal Brand stands.

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The Loyal Brand Affiliates

Professional MMA Fighter 

Weight Class: Lightweight and Welterweight


Accomplishments/Titles: Current Shogun Fights Welterweight Champion. Current Ring of Combat Welterweight Champion. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt. Multiple x Grappling and Jiu Jitsu Champion. 

 Pro MMA Record: 9-2  

Born and raised in a small country town of Western Howard County Maryland in the days before Facebook and the instant access of the internet, Jon DelBrugge spent the majority of his youth playing sports and being outdoors. In High School he excelled in Ice Hockey, Wrestling, and Football. He eventually accepted a scholarship from West Liberty University in West Virginia to play football. It was there where DelBrugge found his true calling....FIGHTING. MMA was starting to explode in popularity during the mid 2000's, especially in the West Virginia/Ohio Valley area where wrestling is king. Jon got into many of fights and befriended many of people that in one way or another were connected to MMA. During this time period, Jon's interest in MMA grew and grew. One weekend during his Junior year of college, he decided to travel back home and with his younger brother, on a whim, decided to drive 2 hours to a local Jiu Jitsu tournament. With absolutely no formal training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jon submitted his way through the division and won the tournament. That was the turning point in Jon's life. He never returned to West Virginia. Jon dropped everything he was doing and focused 100% on pursuing a career in Martial Arts. Fast forward 9 years and Jon DelBrugge is on the doorsteps of the MMA worlds biggest stage. He has traveled the world, and competing internationally in Jiu Jitsu, he's spent months in Thailand training Muay Thai and has amassed a 9-2 Pro MMA record with 8 wins coming by way of finish. Jon's style is hard nosed and technical. He has stayed true to his vision and the handwork is paying off. 


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