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dis❌ABILITY As Seen On

 Arnold Sports youTube:


Miles "Smiles" Taylor, @smiles_taylor on Instagram, a @neversate athlete that has cerebral palsy, a disability that effects muscle tone and movement.  Miles and his coach @uncle.nic are on a mission to share Miles's story with the world.  Miles wants to spread awareness for those with disabilities and let everyone know a disability does not define you and it is not a label.  He wants to show the world that despite his disability, Miles has the ABILITY to be who he wants to be and achieve anything he puts his mind to.  Miles doesn't see his cerebral palsy as a disability, it's his motivation. 

"I have CP, CP doesn’t have me" (Smiles)



As seen on the day Miles won the internet 2.08.19::

miles taylor @smiles_taylor