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Loyal Brand T-Shirt Base Price Information

At The Loyal Brand, we are proud to offer a diverse selection of high-quality apparel options to suit every style and need. Our range includes comfortable T-shirts, professional Polo Shirts, and performance-focused Poly Shirts, ensuring we have the perfect fit for you. Let's explore our apparel collection and discover how it can elevate your brand awareness.

T-shirts: Choose from a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to match your preferences. We offer different materials for optimal comfort:

  • 100% Cotton T-shirts: Crafted from the softest, highest quality cotton, our 100% cotton T-shirts provide ultimate comfort and breathability. Personalize them with a custom imprint to showcase your brand.

  • Soft Cotton T-shirts: Our soft cotton T-shirts blend cotton and polyester for a comfortable fit with added wrinkle resistance, making them easy to care for.

  • 50/50 T-shirts: Blend the best of cotton and polyester with our 50/50 T-shirts. They offer wrinkle-resistant fabric, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

  • Tri Blend T-shirts: Experience the perfect combination of cotton, polyester, and rayon with our tri blend T-shirts. They provide a soft, breathable feel, ideal for those seeking a premium option.

Polo Shirts: Our Polo Shirts blend sophistication and style, making them a versatile choice for various occasions.

Poly Shirts: Constructed from 100% polyester, our Poly Shirts excel in moisture-wicking properties, ensuring comfort even in hot weather. Represent your brand proudly while staying cool and dry.

Imprint Options: Personalize your T-shirt, Polo Shirt, or Poly Shirt to reflect your unique style and brand identity. We offer a range of imprint options, including printing your name, initials, logo, or any other design you choose. Let your imagination run wild and create a truly custom piece that sets you apart.

Quantity Discounts: Enjoy significant savings on bulk orders with our variety of quantity discounts. We understand the importance of saving money, and the more you buy, the more you save.

Experience exceptional quality and customization options with The Loyal Brand's apparel collection. Contact us today to discuss your needs and elevate your brand with personalized apparel that leaves a lasting impression.

Loyal Brand T-Shirt Base Price Information