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As we strive to fulfills order like Amazon, Amazon we are not.  We apply the artwork to each shirt by hand and hand pack every order, no robots no automation.  Please review the shipping guidelines below if you have an questions feel free to email us at
General Shipping Information
  • Orders are shipped to the provided shipping address in the customer’s account. 
  • We are not responsible for packages delivered to mistyped or invalid addresses. 
  • All returning packages due to insufficient address will be sent a verification email.
  • Customers will have 5 days to respond. Failure to reply within the 5 day time frame will automatically result in order cancellation. Payment will be transferred to store credit.
  • CRYPTO payments will receive a 20% refund after checkout.

Domestic shipping

  • Orders are generally received within 8 to 12 business days (Monday - Friday) after date of fulfillment.
  • Expected delivery dates may vary during holiday season depending on volume of mail experienced through postal service.

First Class International shipping

  • All current international shipping rates apply. 
  • International shipping expected delivery dates varies depending on the location.
  • Orders are generally received within 15 to 30 business days (Monday - Friday).
  • Expected delivery dates may vary during holiday season depending on volume of mail experienced through postal service.
  • NOTE:  Some International Orders require a customs fee before final delivery.  Although the package may show delivered via the USPS Tracking number, please contact your local postal service for more details. 

First class international is untrackable. Once it’s been sent it’s out of our control. There is no way to track it and there is no proof of delivery or shipment. (That's why it’s so low cost!). It also doesn't have expedited brokerage, which means packages can "sit in customs" for up to 4-6 weeks. Although this is rare it does happen. Packages are sometimes not delivered at all (1% of cases), so this method is to be used at your own risk! However, it is generally fairly dependable, arriving with a week or two 95% of the time. Insurance is automatically calculated and added to your order. Lost package claims may be filed between 45 and 90 days after shipment. It is not a recommended service and only permitted for orders under $300.

All packages out of NYC go through the sorting station in Jamaica, NY - a suburb of NYC. This is not the same as Jamaica the country! If you see Jamaica on your tracking page it doesn't mean it is in the Carribean, rather that it has gone to the main international sorting station and is on its way to you.

What Do I Do If It's Late?

If it is past 90 days and your First Class package has not arrived please contact your local post office and customs agency to see if your package has arrived and you haven't been notified.

Often times, your post office has the package and wants you to pay the import tariffs before it hands it over.