Please Allow: 10 - 15 Working Days for Production Time on Personalized Projects.
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Our Story

The Loyal Brand is a personalized t-shirt and signage company that is based out of St. Augustine Florida. We produce high-quality apparel and signage so businesses can grow their brand’s awareness, and better serve their customers. 

By trusting us with your design needs, you will receive one-on-one customer support, and reliable step-by-step communication and updates. We can guarantee customer satisfaction due to our use of high-quality materials, fast turnaround times, and a hands-on quality assurance approach, receiving only the best services we have to offer. 

In a world full of information, stimulation, and the power of suggestion through advertising and media, the human mind will make a decision in the blink of an eye and you will have seconds to grab your ideal customer's attention, swaying them away from any possible competition. What better way is there to make a lasting impression than through a sign or t-shirt with your logo on it! 

Now is the time to grow your brand’s awareness, so you can better attract and serve your ideal customers. We will work with you from the moment you contact us with an idea until you have the finished product in your hands. You will be able to choose from our extensive range of products and service options, to develop a high-quality personalized product that your customers can’t pass up on. Trust us with your design needs today, and watch your vision and ideas come to life tomorrow.