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Brand Ambassador Program Information

The primary goal of The Loyal Brand’s Brand Ambassador program is to increase brand awareness, influence, and, ultimately, sales by identifying, sponsoring, and promoting novice and professional athletes with the potential for a high level of public visibility and engagement, and who also embody and uphold the values, ethics, and appearance of the brand. In return, Brand Ambassadors are expected to regularly publicly represent and promote The Loyal Brand in a committed and positive manner through social channels such as social media, personal websites, blogs, video blogs, personal appearances, industry and professional events.

Who is a Loyal Brand Ambassador?
Ideally, a Loyal Brand Ambassador is a highly committed athlete, coach, or fitness professional who competes, performs, and/or operates at a level above and beyond that of their peers. They are not only committed to their work, but they also have a strong public presence and following, and are frequently and continually engaging with their followers through meaningful content on various social platforms. The Loyal Brand looks to sponsor Ambassadors of all ages, genders, geographic locations, race/ethnic origins, and socioeconomic groups who specialize in a wide range of areas with an influence in a variety of markets.

How do we find our Brand Ambassadors?
The Loyal Brand Ambassadors can be recruited from our existing customer base, our social audience, or other respected influencers. We also recruit potential ambassadors using social ads and/or promotions such as contests and sweepstakes where we use surveys, current social engagement with Loyal’s social accounts, sentiments expressed on social networks regarding our brand, and the quality and quantity of the content to qualify potential Ambassadors.

What do Loyal Brand Ambassadors need to do?
Loyal Brand Ambassadors need to publicly represent and promote the brand on a regular basis, while also aiding in the promotion of new campaign initiatives. This includes…

  • Sharing or reposting brand messages/posts/ads on social networks. This is the most basic Ambassador requirement.
  • Wearing and/or using The Loyal Brand products during professional events, competitions, performances, etc. when appropriate.
  • Wearing and/or using The Loyal Brand products while creating visual content for personal and/or professional social media channels when appropriate.
  • Creating content and buzz for new product/campaign launch – We will send products to our Ambassadors to test/wear/experience, and they will then need to write/talk/share about the product on social networks (blogs, posts, pictures, videos, etc). An example of such content would be posting a selfie wearing a shirt with the company and product hashtag. Another example would be recording a product demo video and uploading it to YouTube.
  • Answering community questions on social networks, via direct messaging, or in person – Loyal Brand Ambassadors need to be community leaders.
  • Giving feedback on marketing messaging for product launches to help determine which marketing strategies are best.
  • Giving ideas for new product design – new Loyal product ideas and features can emerge from ambassador feedback.
  • Writing/sharing editorial commentary on products – Ambassadors can write editorial commentary for products that can be displayed on product description pages.

What do Loyal Brand Ambassadors get in return?
Loyal Brand Ambassadors receive product sponsorship, brand recognition, and reciprocal promotion. This includes…

  • Partial or complete collection product sponsorship (based on Ambassador Tier Level). Ambassadors will receive free products upon release.
  • Full Brand Ambassador recognition on all public product channels, including website, social media, and other applicable print and web promotional materials.
  • Reciprocal promotion via sharing of content on social media and web platforms, as well as pursuit of complimentary marketing opportunities.

How is the success of a Loyal Brand Ambassador measured?
Key value metrics are considered in determining the success of a Loyal Brand Ambassador. These include…

  • Value of Content – Number of photos, videos, and posts created and shared on social media by the Ambassador.
  • Value of Buzz – The Ambassador’s reach across their social networks, including the number of shares of the content they produced.
  • Value of Traffic – The number of Ambassador influenced clicks that came in through Ambassador content sharing.
  • Value of Conversions & Revenue - Number of conversions due to public representation by the Ambassador.

How long does being a Loyal Brand Ambassador last?
Loyal Brand Ambassadors sign an annual agreement, and their success is reviewed quarterly. Ambassadors who are finding a high level of success may be moved up a Tier to receive more benefits, and may be asked to renew their agreement for the following year. Ambassadors who are under-performing will be approached regarding the results of their brand engagement, and may lose their sponsorship before the end of their term.

Think you have what it takes to be a Loyal Brand Ambassador?