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Brand Ambassador Program

The primary goal of The Loyal Brand’s Brand Ambassador program is to identify, sponsor, and promote novice and professional athletes with the potential for a high level of public visibility and engagement, and who also embody and uphold the values, ethics, and practices of the brand. Brand Ambassadors are a public representative of The Loyal Brand, and contribute to creating public awareness, promotion, product development and testing. 

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Brand Ambassadors

National Level Strongman
Owner/Head Coach NEVERsate Athletics

Brian Alsruhe is a Lightweight (231 Class) National Level Strongman.  He has only been involved in the sport for a little over 2 Years but has an extensive Martial Arts and weight training background.  He is Owner and Head coach of NEVERsate Athletics, a Strongman, Powerlifting and Sports Conditioning Facility Located in Westminster, Maryland.  Brian’s best lifts include a 680lb Squat, 505lb Bench Press and a 700lb Deadlift.  He has won the Maryland’s Strongest Man Competition 2 years in a row for the 231 Weight Class and has competed at the Strongman National Championships Multiple times. 

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