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Building Strong & Confident Self Advocates

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Hey there, Amy here!

Can you believe it!? Today marks then END of the SECOND week of 2022. 😱 I hope you had a fantastic week filled with hope and gratitude.

Speaking of gratitude, I want to take a moment to share my gratitude for this INCREDIBLE community and the personal growth, relationships and connections we made in 2021.

dis❌ABILITY is a disability awareness brand. It is my goal to build strong and confident self advocates, so this community can access the tools and resources they need to be successful.

I'm so grateful for a space and community to share my story, and better yet share YOUR story with the world. By sharing stories, we let other people in this space know they are not alone. This community understands and can relate to how you might feel because we all have so much more in common than we will ever know.

Whether it's a physical disability, an invisible or mental disability, it doesn’t matter. Through community we are able to share stories of the adversity we are facing, the new diagnosis our child just recieved, the emotions of grief, pain, joy and relief. Through community we share our life experiences, and perspectives with an open, raw and vulnerable approach.

Community and fellowship brings us a sense of comfort and hope for the future, something this world needs more than ever right now. We are all human and we all experience and process emotions, and we all want to know that we aren't alone in this journey that no one gave us a manual for.

I believe every person was put on this earth with a purpose. Everyone has their own strengths and skills that are unique and valuable to the world. We have to reach inside, find our passions, find our strengths and skills and APPLY them. 

I want to see you be brave. I want to see you grow. I want to see you win. I want to see you speak up and advocate for yourself, taking back control of your life.

And I here to help you do EXACTLY that. Please don't hesitate to reach out for support. I am a great listening ear and I have created the tools and resources to help you become the most strong, confident and successful version of yourself.

I love you & I'm advocating for you! 🤟❤️

👕 Order a dis❌ABILITY t-shirt today and change the way the world talks about and views disabilities.

- Amy


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