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Meet disXABILITY - Our Disability Awareness Brand

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 If you haven't heard by now, The Loyal Brand has created an affiliate "sister" brand called dis❌ABILITY. dis❌ABILITY's mission is to empower individuals living with a disability to overcome to limiting beliefs society has placed on them. We do by providing our community with tools and resources to create conversations around self advocacy, awareness and personal growth.

   We believe that together we can change the way the world talks about and sees the disabled community. 

So who is in this community? Is it just for people with disabilities? NO. It is for anyone who wants to support the disabled community. It is for anyone who is committed to being an advocate and ally for the community and raising awareness. The disability community is a group of people who do not look the same, do not act the same, believe the same, walk the same or talk the same.
It's because of our differences that we are able to come together, connect and see the humanity in each other and In that humanity we find the greatness and ABILITY that lives in side each and every person.

Because a disability does not define you. If you are interested in being a part of this community and creating change, please follow us on all social media platforms @disxability

  Stay Tuned for more! Until then I'm rooting for you and I'm advocating for you.

     - Amy Ader

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