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"Speak Up & Speak Out" - Self Advocacy Course

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 Our affiliate brand disABILITY is excited to announce the launch of our first ONLINE COURSE - "Speak Up & Speak Out" - A step-by-step guide to becoming a strong and confident self advocate. 🚨
"Growing up with multiple learning disabilities I was frequently reminded of things I couldn't do, or what I was not good at. One time in high school my geometry teacher told my parents, "Amy's disability prevents her from understanding the way I teach." THE WAY I TEACH!? Well there's the problem. I was constantly forced to adapt to my surrounding environment, instead of the environment being inclusive and adapting to the way I learned.

Today I am thankful for all the obstacles and adversity I face growing up because from a young age I learned to adapt frequently and advocate for myself. I feel that my obstacles made me stronger and more resilient. From a young age I witnessed and observed my my parents, teachers and entire IEP team advocate for my needs so that I could be successful in school.

As I got older, I gained the confidence to speak up and learn to advocate for myself, clearly articulating my wants and needs. With practice, repetition and application I taught myself tools and used resources to help me confidently advocate ensuring I received the appropriate accommodations I needed to feel accomplished and successful in school and in my career today.

In this course I teach the same tools and resources that helped me as I grew up with multiple learning disabilities, all with the goal of creating a stronger, and more resilient version of YOU!"

▶️ Option 1: 40 Page E-Workbook:

♦️4 Journal Prompts
♦️12 Role Play Scenarios
♦️2 Self Advocacy Tools
♦️Self Assessment / Questionnaire
♦️Printables & Visuals

▶️ Option 2: Instructional Videos
& 40 Page E-Workbook Course:

♦️ 7 Step-By-Step Instructional Videos & All The Items Listed In Option 1: 40 Page E-Workbook

💥 I'm excited to learn and grow with you. Your future self will thank you for this decision Let's get started 💥





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