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Today's 1st Topic: Bloating/Food Intolerance


Recently I did a little snapchat story on a client of mine whom I had do a food allergy test.

Now to give you a little background on this client, she has competed twice, works hard, eats "clean" about 95% of the time, and looks good! Her test results were CRAZY...allergic to whey protein, turkey, eggs, all dairy, broccoli, asparagus, rice cakes..the list goes on. Yes these foods were in her diet and she was eating them!

Now before you scratch your head and say how was she eating these foods while being allergic.. a food allergy doesn't always mean that ingestion of said food will put you in the hospital or cause you to have severe allergic reactions. A food allergy could mean a lot of things, primarily it means that your body can NOT breakdown and process that food, which in turn causes GI tract stress which leads to inflammation and on down the domino line of symptoms.

I can tell you first hand that almost ALL of you are consuming/ingesting at least one item of food that you are either intolerant to or allergic too. Now the benefits from a food allergy test speak for themselves. However if you are not inclined to do so out of laziness ;) here are a few ways to combat intolerance issues.

1.Rotate Foods

    Try and get your protein from 3-5 unique sources throughout the day and week in order to ensure you're not over eating the same protein based food each and every time. It's very common to see individuals eating diets which are predominately made up of chicken breast, which over time will lead to sensitivities developing in many cases.

    Rotate your protein sources, it's very easy to do so there's no excuses.

    2.  Veggies

      Far too many people simply under eat when it comes to vegetables therefore their fibre intake isn't adequate which leads to gut issues, leading to bloating amongst other things. Having a broad range of fibrous vegetables won't only improve your health, it will also help sort your gut out. All of a sudden you'll find that you're far more "regular" and that the bloating you've been suffering with subsides.

      3.  Probiotics

        Here are some facts:

        Your gut is full of BILLIONS of bacterial cells.

        Composition of the gut:  10% Human 90% Microbial

        70% of the IMMUNE system is located in the GUT!!!!

        If the Micro-biome or (bacteria) in your gut is thrown off it can throw off your metabolism, hormones, immune system..basically every major system in your body.

        Some of the easiest ways to help you gut function at full capacity are: adequate times in-between feeding, eating non inflammatory foods, daily probiotics (make sure you rotate you probiotics monthly)

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