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Choose To Be A Difference Maker

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Meet Patrick DeLapp, a coach and board member for the Special Olympics. Patrick is extremely involved in the supporting and advocating for the disabled community.

He not only walks the walk, but he also talks the talk. When asked why Patrick has such a heart for the community, he shared that he has an older brother who has intellectual disabilities.

Patrick shared that he grew up first hand seeing how athletics gave his brother a community of friends and people he could connect with since most other aspects of life for him were very difficult and often lacked confidence.

Patrick was always an athlete in high school and in college so he felt that it was natural to stay involved with special olympics even if the involvement was not linked with his brother.

Patrick has been coaching now for well over 15 years in various states and is on numerous Special Olympics boards.

Patrick shared that " it's not enough, but I know it makes a difference in the athletes lives to be "normal" out there playing sports."

Patrick DeLapp, you are a difference maker. And to everyone else in this community and the world, please know that even a small act of inclusion, kindness and support goes a long way to make change and make this world a more loving and accepting place.

In a world full of hate, you can choose. Everything boils down to the choices we make and those choices reflect the outcomes of life.

You can choose to feel blessed. You can choose to feel grateful. You can choose kindness. You can choose to see the goodness. You can choose to make a difference. What will you choose today?

I'm advocating for you 🤟❤️
- Amy

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