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Move Your Body, Change Your Mind - Adaptive Mountain Biking

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Move your body, change your mind." What does that mean? Studies show that when you physically move your body, your mindset, emotions, and mind change and move with it. Daily Habits that maintain or improve your physical health, do the same for your mental health.
Physical activity has been proven to be an effective treatment for depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and other psychological mental health disabilities, which we know are more common and likely to coexist with people who have another disability already.
Exercise is medicine. In many cases, aerobic activities, strength training, yoga, hiking, and biking can be MORE effective than pharmaceutical treatments.
Every day make it a goal and priority to move your body, for 30 minutes. Do what you can, with what you got, wherever you are.
There are so many incredible resources and tools now for people with physical disabilities. Entire gyms and organizations are dedicated to adaptive fitness and health and wellness. A physical disability does not have to hold you back and limit the activities that you get to participate in, in life. I promise someone out there has figured out a way for you to do the activity that you might be interested in.
@kootenayadaptive is an adaptive sports association specializing in adaptive mountain biking 😳👀 I know, so freaking cool right!? Their mission is to provide everyone access to the outdoors and inspire and promote physical activity through inclusive sports, so everyone has the chance to move their body in their own unique way.
What is adaptive mountain biking? "Adaptive MTB encompasses a broad range of events and riders who typically cannot ride a standard bike and requires adaptive equipment to suit their physical, intellectual, neurological, and sensory abilities. There are varying adaptive mountain bikes available around the world, each design to meet the rider-specific need, including handcycles, recumbent leg cycles, bucket bikes, and tandem bikes.
Fitness is for everyone. Move your body, and change your mindset today.
I'm advocating for you 🤟❤️


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