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First Pro Wrestler With Down Syndrome!

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March 28th was a dream and one for the books. Last week a follower of dis❌ABILITY reached out and asked if we could make 500 t-shirts for a GIANT Down syndrome awareness fundraiser event in Orlando. We immediately said yes, and let me tell you... It was one heck of a yes and a night to remember.

We are so honored and grateful to have been a part of this event. Our hearts are OVERWHELMED with gratitude and pure joy.

The space was filled with families of children with Down syndrome, and advocates for disability awareness. So many smiles lighting up the room, showing these kids that anything is possible and that dreams do come true.

"We don't have to change them for the world, instead we can change the world for them." This community has such a special place in my heart and I'm not kidding you I (Amy) cried tears of joy for the majority of the night.

This was the opening speech for the night, that I just have to share, because it's POWERFUL!

"When I met Vincent 3 weeks ago, I did not look at his disability... I thought about all the possibilities. Where the world may only look at what he's not able to do, everybody in this room is looking at what he is able to do. He doesn't have a disability, he has the ABILITY.

I believe is these kids, and I believe that we should not have to change them for the world, but instead we can CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THEM.

Vincent CAN be a professional wrestler. He's got the ability, the knowledge, and athleticism. Tonight we are showing the world that he is ready.

Everybody in this room is a visionary. What we can do is tell the rest of the world what we saw tonight and they will understand that these kids can be great.

Janie, Vincent's sister, was drugged 6 years ago while on a date. She can't see, she can't walk, and her body is paralyzed. When I met Vincent I said "what's your dream?" He said I want to be a professional wrestler so I can take care of my sister.

That's REAL PURPOSE." - Charlie Rocket - Dream Machine Foundation

Please allow me to introduce to you the first ever professional wrestler with Down syndrome - Vincent Mejia !

- Amy




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  • Joe on

    I want more story to the sister can’t find her story anywhere little frustrating!

  • Cody Zugg on

    That is amazing. You guys are truly doing wonderful things.

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