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The Importance of Double-Checking Your Personalized Order Details

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Double-checking personalized order details

When it comes to personalizing an order, ensuring correctness is of utmost importance. At The Loyal Brand, we understand this and take extra measures to guarantee that your personal order is done right, every time. From spelling and colors to backing and order specifications, we work closely with you to ensure that your order is exactly what you want. Read on to learn more about our commitment to accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Personalized orders are a great way to add a unique touch to your products and brand. However, one mistake can ruin the entire order, causing a headache for all partied involved. That's why it's important to double-check your personalized order details before approving the final mockup.

At The Loyal Brand, we understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to personalized orders. We work with you to ensure all details are correct, from the spelling of your company name to the color of your logo. However, it's ultimately your responsibility to double-check and approve the final mockup.

By approving the final mockup, you acknowledge that it's your responsibility to ensure spelling, colors, backing, and all other order specifications are correct. Once you give your final approval, it's not possible to make changes, and manufacturing of your order will be authorized.

We offer a digital proof or sample photo for your approval before manufacturing your order. Changes to digital proofs may take up to two business days, while sample photo changes may take up to four business days. Keep in mind that changes to either of these options may push back the ship date of your order.

If you need to make artwork changes after your sample photo has been manufactured, a $20 fee will apply for manufacturing of the second sample. However, digital proof changes do not incur any fees.

It's important to note that refunds for personalized orders are not possible, as these products are custom-manufactured specifically for you. Without a sample photo, you must accept your order if the basic elements, approximate color, and spelling match the approved digital proof. With a sample photo, you must accept your order when it matches the approved sample photo.

To ensure the success of your personalized order, it's important to inspect your package as soon as it's received. If any issues are noticed, notify our sales office immediately within five business days maximum.

In conclusion, double-checking your personalized order details is crucial for accuracy and success. By doing so, you can avoid the frustration of minor errors and ensure your products and brand are represented correctly. Let The Loyal Brand help you with your personalized orders and ensure they are perfect.

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